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Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne was born on December 3, 1947 and he would play a huge role in the history of Rock and Metal Music. He was the original singer of the iconic band “Black Sabbath” and he had an extraordinary solo career, with many of his albums topping on charts around the world. In this article, we will present to you 10 amazing facts about his life that will amaze/shock you and you will not be able to believe them.

1. During his youth, he was imprisoned for 3 months. “I tried a bit of burglary but I was no good at that. I didn’t do any major burglary jobs. It was less than three weeks before I got caught. My dad said to me, that was very stupid. I didn’t pay my fine and I got put in jail for a few weeks“. His accomplice told him to wear gloves before the burglary. Ozzy did wear gloves, but ones that did not cover his fingers. Genius!

2. He claims that he does not remember anything at all from the 90’s. “They said I would never write this book. Well, f**k ’em – ’cos here it is. All I have to do now is remember something… Bollocks. I can’t remember anything“.

3. One day, a vicar visited him and his first wife, Thelma, to their house. Thelma offered him some cake. But she didn’t know that Ozzy have added something special to that cake. As a result, the vicar passed out and they had to transfer him to his house. The vicar stayed 3 days at bed. He did not remember anything.

4. Some other time, Ozzy was flying back to England. But, he forgot 4 grams of cocaine to his socks. He was afraid that they will arrest him. That’s why he offered some to the flight attendants and they sniffed it while flying.

5. Ozzy Osbourne does not know to read sheet music. But he can play the harmonica very well. As he did so greatly on “The Wizard”.

6. During a concert in 1982, he saw a bat flying around while he was singing on stage. He grabbed it and bit it. They had to transfer him to the hospital and vaccinate him.

7. He dedicated his song “Mama I’m Coming Home” to his second wife, Sharon. Moreover, the song “Suicide Solution” is dedicated to Bon Scott and finally, the song “Goodbye to Romance”, was his farewell to Black Sabbath.

8. Along with Zakk Wylde, they threw a television from the hotel they were staying. They were on the 9th floor. Needless to say that the hotel charged them a lot for that. Actually, 38.000 dollars. Nevertheless, Ozzy claimed that it was money well spent.

9. Undoubtedly one the greatest performers ever. However, he never remembers the lyrics of his songs. As a result, he uses teleprompters on his concerts.

10. Finally, it’s worth to mention that he has stopped doing drugs, but he had done so many in his life and the song “Snowblind” is his commitment to cocaine.

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