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Not many years ago, art classes and activities were considered a luxury. Many times the teachers would dismiss them in order to make more space for the “more important” subjects, like Math and Language. While art classes fall victims to budget cuts, it is proven that they are a essential contributor to a healthy school life. But how can art help education and the children learn? Here are a few good reasons why art should be an important part of education.

Enrich students’ experiences

The role of education is to introduce students to essential values. It also gives to future citizens an all round preparation for the future. Subjects usually combine to achive these two very important missions. Among them are culture and arts. They are vital in instilling applicable values like critical thinking and sound decision-making. It is important to understand that regardless of the new trends, like technology or AI, art is still an esseential part of our development. All the other reasons that we can list apart, it is important to note that art is transforming and adapting to the changes too.

Art Encourages a Healthy Population

It is proven that, participating in art activities, enhances physical and mental wellbeing. Students who take part in their school’s arts socialize more and are more active and emotionaly calm. Art stimulates identity growth and empathy more than any other subject. It also encourages them to cooperate and work together through the form of projects, theatrical plays, or concerts. In this way it also helps avert the dangerous social isolation from which many kids suffer in our days.

Art is Expressing Emotions

Since art is the expression of emotions, what is the best way for students and young people in general to express them? Many children growing up, bury most of their emotions, especially the negative ones. This is because of fear, judgement, or to avoid conflict. As a result, this reduces their productivity and sometimes leads as far as identity cricis and stress. Art is the best way to let go of all the negative feelings and “potholes” that a child may come across. As many great artists has done in the past, sometimes all you need is a strong feeling and emotion to create a great piece of art. That may come in the form of a painting, or a dance performance, or poetry, or a song.


In the current world, creativity tends to shift rapidly. A creative mind can survive better the demands of life, which is running on a very fast pace. Art and culture are reviving and help us preserve our emotional state in order. So, how can art help education? Engaging in artistic activities help people relieve stress and be more productive, while charges them with positive energy. It also encourages students from a young age to see the world from a broader prespective. This will add quality in their life and help them understand and process the changes more effectively.

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