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From starting performing in small DIY show to creating one of the most iconic rock albums in the last 20 years. Of course we refer to American Idiot! Green Day had a full career of glory and fame. They managed to play in huge audiences and revive the Stoner/Punk rock culture. What many don’t know however, is that the frontman, Billy Joel Armstrong imposed strict rules which may sound weird at first, but led to their success, undeniably.

First of all, an impressive fact. For many years the band did not have a break in between tours. Armstrong believed that bands that had long breaks were not the same on their return. Adding to that, the band is practicing too often. More than other bands do at least. In this way, they were always keeping in shape and kept the ambitions high. Mike Dirnt, the bassist of the band adds to this by saying in an interview: “It was ridiculous, and great. We put our heads down for 20 years, and never really looked up.”

In this way and spirits, they created their best album in 2004, American Idiot. Then, after a long period of prosperity and creativity for the band, everything changed. Armstrong’s addiction to alcohol and pills got out of control. Even though he had two teenagers and a wife at home, he continued to combine the two dangerous addictions, to a point that it was a miracle he survived.

Now, many years later and after being sober for a long time, Green Day looks like they are back in tracks. They have since performed in many concerts and festivals. They seem to get a glimpse of that old glory from the early 2000s. In a way, they do, but if I have to look back at their concerts in Tokyo and London, we have to admit that it is now very hard. However, the music world owes them. They lived and still do, through their own Rock and Roll revolution.

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