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We haven’t watched a Coppola movie for a long time now. The waiting, however, seems that will not last much longer, since the 83 year old legendary director, is up to something. According to various reports, the new Coppola film is turning to be a pandemonium. The ambitious project Megalopolis, is undergoing through many difficulties and ups and downs. Overall, the production is said to cost 120 million and is being shot in Atlanta-US.

To begin with, Megalopolis will be Coppola’s first feature film since 2011’s Twixt. The main topics of this new film will be ‘Existentialism’ and the question of nature in society. The story in centered around an architect who seeks to rebuild New York City as a utopia after a disaster.

Moreover, the cast includes an impressive list of actors. Some of them are, Adam Driver, Dustin Hoffman, Aubrey Plaza, and Laurence Fishburne. The project however faces a lot of set back.

By December, Coppola fired almost the entire VFX team. Production designer Beth Mickle (Drive, The Suicide Squad) and supervising art director David Scott (Ad Astra, Spider-Man: No Way Home) left the project. In this way, Megalopolis has no art department. In general, the directing team wanted to use a big part of the budget on the ‘New Virtual Technology’, like other Blockbuster movies. Now it seems that they will have to settle for something less costly. It must be very stressing and for sure a challenge to be part of this project for sure.

For everyone that has followed Francis Ford Coppola’s career, these news don’t come as a surprise. He is famous in the industry for his messy sets and the tension that he creates between members of the crew. It is not the first time that Coppola comes to contradiction with producers. However, this time the controversy comes from the fact that he is spending a lot of his own money for the project. He has done this before in the film Apocalypse Now. For that film, he spent around 30 million from his own money. As we all know, the film became a major success. Given this, we have to wait and see what will the experienced director will come up with this time.

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