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Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons

With reference to science fiction, horror and political movement, Mike Nelson takes the audience on a trip to a post-apocalyptic world. Indeed, his installations have their own lives. He creates them from recycled materials and things that he finds in flea markets. Moreover, his immersive exhibitions invite the viewer to explore an enigmatic and outwardly setting. A photo lab, a drive- in cinema, or an abandoned office, are only some of the environments that he has created with such mastery.

Michael Nelson was born on 20th of August in 1967. He has represented Great Britain in the Venice Biennale in 2011. He was also nominated for the Turner prize twice. In 2007 and 2001.

What is truly amazing about Nelson, is that his projects are truly ambitious. In 1999 he created one of his most famous projects. The Coral Reef that he created at Matt’s Gallery in London, consisted of 15 huge separate rooms. He made the same exhibition a decade later at TATE.

The Coral Reef

These 15 rooms included, a security surveillance office, a drug users’ den, and a mechanic’s workshop.

Additionally, What is impressive about Nelson’s intensive exhibitions, is the attention he pays to every aspect of his creations. “The aspect which really worries me is the attention to detail,” he said in an interview for The Guardian. “I might be driven by ideas but I am also driven by stuff: by making, and the pleasure that gives me. It’s not like I send a load of people out with photocopies to go and find objects to build that space. I’m there doing it myself.”

Moreover, He wants us to think of him as a huge attic, he claims. He is collecting boxes, broken stuff and all kind of things.

Mike Nelson in his studio

Finally, Mike Nelson is 55 years old and lives in England. He currently has his Extinction Beckons exhibition going on, in Southbank Gallery, London.

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