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Jackson Pollock painting

Last week the Bulgarian authorities reported that they have found, what might be a lost original painting from Jackson Pollock. The painting was found during a raid related to an investigation regarding an investigation on an international art trafficking.

According to Bulgarian media, the painting is rumoured to cost around 50 million Euros. According to sources the investigation targeted a criminal group that operated in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. So far, three Greeks and one Bulgarian are arrested. The group operated through Athens, Greek Islands, Crete and Sofia.

The painting in which Pollock’s signature can be seen, is now handed over to experts. A preliminary examination suggests it is an original uncatalogued work by the seminal American Abstract Expressionist from 1949. This is all the information we have on the painting so far.

Pollock who died 7 years after the creation of this painting at the age of 44, left behind a very small number of works. His paintings have surpassed $60 million at auctions. Moreover, we are very interested to see what will happen with the painting the Bulgarian police found.

“This is an international operation with the participation of Europol, Greece and other countries,” Petar Todorov, Bulgaria’s Chief secretary of the ministry of internal affairs, said, per Novinite.

“To our great joy, we managed to establish and keep this painting and at the moment the expertise shows that it is an original.”

We follow closely for developments. Although, we haven’t seen pictures of the painting yet, we hope to have the first images soon. Museums and media are following close and are consulting with experts.

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