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Top New Movies of 2023

Now that the Barbie and Oppenheimer mania is reaching to its end, it is time to watch other movies that came out this year. Some of them cheesy enough, other full of action, but definitely, worth watching. Here are some of the top new movies of 2023.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me-Poster

This is a decent horror movie by directors Danny and Michael Phillipou. The film tells the story of a group of friends who discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand. As the group gets hooked with the new hobby, they get as far as unleashing terrifying supernatural forces. The social media-feeding frenzy involves spiritual possession, made possible by grasping a ceramic-encased severed hand graffitied with names and symbols that suggest a long line of previous owners. We promise that the film is creepy enough and well made. As horror movies fans, we definitely suggest Talk to Me!

The Beasts

The Beasts

This interesting’s movies scenario deals with a French couple which is trying to start an organic farm in rural Spain. What we understand from watching the film is that the director, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, is trying to deal with human relations and “the people next door”. In detail, the story explains the way the protagonists deal with their unwelcoming neighboors who intend to sell their land to a wind energy company. As a result, the locals become hostile and try to find ways to prevent the newcomers from making profit.

The Night of the 12th

The Night of the 12th poster

Adding to the list of the not so popular movies of 2023, is The Night of the 12th. The film is based on the true story of the lengthy investigation into the grisly burning death of a young woman in a small town near Grenoble. Moreover, in the opening titles we are informed that this is but one of the many unsolved murder cases in France. Dominik Moll’s mystery brings memories of older masterpieces from the genre, like Zodiac and Bong Joon Ho’s Memories of Murder.

Past Lives

Past Lives

If you haven’t heard about this masterpiece, then you don’t read the news! Celine Song’s drama took Sundance by storm when it was released in January this year. The film follows Nora (played as an adult by Greta Lee) and Hae Sung (played as an adult by Teo Yoo), early adolescent pals in Seoul who are separated, seemingly forever, when Nora’s family moves to Canada. In addition, Song swathes her film’s metaphysical questions in gorgeous, summery light, crafting a lilting portrait of life in its infinite dimensions and sliding-doors possibilities. The film is a must-see gem of a film, one that augurs many good things for its fledgling creator.

Screan VI

Scream VI cast

I told you! I am a horror film fan. Scream VI makes this list, not because it is one of the best movies that came out this year, but because the fans of the series have to be happy. You know, nostalgia! This is also one of the reasons that the movie reached 100$ million in the domestic box-office. The new characters introduced in V are better honed in VI, shrewder and more likable and thus actually worth rooting for. (Veteran player Courteney Cox gets her fair due, too.) Jumpy-fun scares abound, the filmmaking is both crisp and happily freewheeling, and the killer reveal is amiably goofy. According to other reviews, even though Scream VI is far from a Wes Craven film, it is maybe the best since the first two movies.

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