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Cinema critics have claimed that Allen uses laughter and comedy to defend against the serious. The director is not active lately, however not many other directors have his work rate. For more than 40 years he has written, directed and released a movie every year. His movies have received multiple awards. His cast also. Having a strong background on writing, allowed him to experiment and develop his style very fast. Now, after 4 decades of work, he has won the title, Woody Allen – The master of Humor

Allen has cemented his reputation in the entertainment industry with his dark humour. His style is recognizable. His movies mostly focus on intellectual convsersations and sophisticated dialogues, comedy not missing. He also likes to participate in his films, usually portraying the opposite of himself – a slightly neurotic yet likeable Jewish left-wing intellectual living in New York City.

Woody Allen managed to create a distinct and personal style in an industry that for sure lacks diversity and innovation. At least in the past years. Despite making films for targeted audiences that are not that large, but rather limited, he managed to keep busy and make films that noone else would make. Additionaly, he managed to attract big names. An interesting fact to add here, is that all his actors are paid an equal fee.

His films have gathered an impressive 18 Oscar Nominations, and that only for acting. Allen himself, he’s received 24 nominations and has won 4 (one for Best Picture and three for Best Original Screenplay). That said, he’s true to his principles of avoiding spectacles and excessive accolades. He has never once attended the Academy Award Ceremonies.

His trademark humor, we can say that he established it with his film Annie Hall. The main plot develops around the theme of romatic relationships. The film explores themes as creative integrity and psychoanalysis. Also anti-semetic paranoia and even the merits of adult education have their place in the script. I mention this film because it signalled the arrival of Woody Allen. It also won him his first Oscars  for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. So, if I had to suggest a Woody Allen movie to someone that have never heard of him, it would definetely be this one.

Scene from “Annie Hall”

Woody Allen’s most recent films are Midnight in Paris (2011), Paris-Manhattan (2012) and To Rome with Love (2012) Most of Allen’s films have been made on modest budgets in New York City. Of the many film writers and directors, he is one of the few who has complete control of his films.

Woody Allen has grown beyond his beginnings as a comedian. Today he is one of the most versatile (capable of doing many things) movie makers in America and has the fair reputation as Woody Allen – The master of Humor.

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